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About me

I am Fernando, a Software Engineer at VirusTotal, I love reverse engineering and instrumentation. I wrote this site initially as a set of notes for myself and it grew until what it is now.

Frequently asked questions

Error, mistakes and typos in the content

Please report them to me via private message @entdark_.

Are you adding new content?

Yes! New content will be added from time to time, with requests being the major priority. If there is something that you want to do with Frida like instrumenting functions and complex structs, again please let me know and I will append it to the site.

I will also include things that I consider interesting from time to time.

How can I contribute back?

This is a free resource, sharing it is the best you can do to contribute. You can also contribute via reporting typos and mistakes or requesting new content/adding new content.

Interacting with the community?

Yes! Mostly through the Frida's Telegram Channel

Is there an offline resource of this site?

A PDF version of this website will be eventually be provided.

Will there by video tutorials?

This is something I had in mind at some point, let me know if it would be of any interest.

Will there be a physical edition?

Eventually, yes.

Other requests/questions

Please let me know via private message @entdark_.